Let' face it. We are all concerned about the way we look.

However In our hectic city of Hong Kong, stress shows up all too readily on our faces. 

The Face Spa is here to provide the antidote through our range of therapeutic facials, targeting at the problematic areas and nourishing your skin​. You and your skin just deserves that little break from time to time. 

For those seeking that little extra, non-invasive aesthetics treatments are also available to turn back the hands of time.

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The Face Spa Fans:

"I sincerely recommend The Face Spa to my friends."​​​ Patricia Wong 素顏天使, top blogger

             ---  http://plainfaceangel.blogspot.hk/2012/12/after-party-3r-treatment-face-spa.html

" My support to The Face Spa!" Vivian Wong, columnist

             ---  http://lj.hkej.com/blog/article/id/1080

"The La Vie En Rose treatment snag the title of best facial I’ve ever had in Hong Kong!" Emma, Sassy blogger

             ---  http://sassyhongkong.com/the-face-spa-hk-review/

"The Face Spa is our latest favourite beauty place in Hong Kong." Manon, founder of HK Madame

             ---  http://hongkongmadame.com/enus/79801

"Brilliant facials with very attentive and treatments that are personalized to my skin type!"​ Jennifer Ting, bank director

"Totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my skin, I can't wait to go back!"​ Peter Yeo, operations manager

"5 star caliber!"​ Andy Lin, chiropractor

"Thank you very much!"​ Natalie Young, doctor

"If you are over 30 and wonder if you can look glowing again? Go find Dr. Tim!"​ Emiko Nagai, business director

"The Face Spa has gone far beyond my hopes with their care. They are highly conscientious of ensuring a brilliant experience for the client. I look forward to receiving their excellent service each month."​ Maurice Mettler, yoga teacher

The Face Spa